About us

With eight notaries and around fifty staff members, ALLEZ & ASSOCIES is a firm that has expanded significantly, while retaining its human scale in order to stay client-focused. Our excellent reputation and image in France and abroad are based on our experience, expertise and know-how.

ALLEZ & ASSOCIES has earned the trust of clients that include French, European and global leaders in real estate investment, banking, insurance, real estate development and the hotel industry.

The notaries and associates are demanding professionals known for their expertise, strong work commitment, availability and attention to detail in providing legal protection, unfailing assistance, relevant and insightful advice and the responsiveness required by our clients. They assist our clients in English, German and Chinese.

In addition, ALLEZ & ASSOCIES advises individuals in private matters, such as the acquisition and sale of real property, marriage, divorce, gifts, inheritance, etc.

ALLEZ & ASSOCIES also offers clients access to the Online Notary Depository Service, which provides highly secure storage for virtual documents (text, sound, video, drawing, software, file, etc.) on data storage media (CD-ROM, DVD, USB flash drive, hard-disc drive), regardless of volume.